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1989 Welcome booklet for Havre AFS, MT

Official Magazine of the U.S. Air Force

Round embroidered patch approx 2.5" in diameter

Historical Data of ADC 1946-1973 Vols 1-3

USAF History Study 80
USAF History Study 129
Command and Control 1959-1963
USAF and the Nat. guided missile program 1944-1950
USAF Scientific Advisory Board 1944-1964

Historical record of 680th RADS, Palermo, NJ

Birth of SAGE 1951-1956
Radar Programs for Air Defense
Command and Control Planning 1958-1965
History of the Ground Observer Corps (GOC)
Chrono of Air Defense 1914-1972

History of ADC to June 1951
ADC Unit History Narrative, Pre 1951-June 1954, 7 volumes

SAC Bombardment Training - 1946-1959
Select Operational Exercises 1956-1956
SAC History Jan-Jun 1952