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Description of the radar system evolution, AN/FPS-8 to AN/FPS-99(V)

Description of the basic AN/FPS-6 system, the improvement features, the configuration of the various overall system nomenclature, and the field kits available for radar set updating.

Bilingual (French/English) NATO working paper under AC/64 (Group I)N/18.

Alignment procedures manual for the FPS-93A.

A collection of GE engineering memos and notes for AN/FPS-6 field service engineers.

Air Force Manual 52-8, soft cover. Widely used electronic technical manual, tube circuits.

MIL HDBK 162-B United States Radar Equipment
2-volume reproduction of the Mil HDBK 162-B, ca 1965
This handbook contains descriptions and some specifications of US radar in use at this time.

The AC&W Operator
Workbook for student exercises in the 276xx AFSC Operations training.

AN/FST-2A, AN/FST-2B<br /><br />
T.O. 31S1-2FST2-2
Volume I of V
Description, Test Equipment, Preparation For Use, and Theory
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