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Description, Test Equipment, Preparation For Use, and Theory

AN/UPA-62 PPI removed from the Mica Peak AFS, WA radar site. Contributed by the FAA through the GSA Excess List.

Workbook for student exercises in the 276xx AFSC Operations training.

Told from a Canadian perspective, NORAD and the Soviet Nuclear Threat is the history of the air defence of Canada during the Cold Ware era.

A thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts Historical Studies

One page table/chart that explains the meaning of the Army/Navy (AN) equipment nomenclatures that describes where the equipment is used, what the equipment is andwhat it does based on the assigned nomenclature

Article entitled "'Little Alaska' key to national defense" begins on page 36.

This is a general manual for the operation of a GOC post as well as a recognition manual. Contains information for both the US GOC and the Canadian GOC.


Excellent, unused Zippo lighter, still in the box. This is a souvenir from the Tin City NCO Open Muess. Artifact also contains a pawn ticket from a Pawn Shop in Roy, UT.

A highly detailed HO gauge model of the Almaden AFS, CA FPS-24 search radar on Mt. Umunhum.
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