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This is a very rich historical work documenting air defense in the Pacific theater in WW-2 through Post War Japan. It also includes a small amount of documentation on the DEW Line and Airborne Early Warning System, both USAF & Navy.

The book…

Squadron map and information sheet for incoming personnel before assignment to a permanent squadron.

Color printed menu for the 1956 Thanksgiving day meal at Misawa AFB

Letter from Keesler AFB Commander to student's parents. This is mostly a form letter, with two lines at the top which personalize it. Contains the student's temporary address (3383rd Student Squadron, Keelser).

Handwritten notes by A/3C J. D. Laurintzen

Notes probably from tech school

Appendix 13
System Program Office 412L
Air Weapons Control System

2 copies of this appendix, consisting of letters, faxes, environmental studies of the 412L project


A number of microfilm reels on DVD from the Air Force Historical Research Agency at Maxwell AFB documenting the Texas Towers, including the hearings after the Tower 4 collapse in 1961.

The reels are formatted as very large PDF files.

A 50th Anniversary history book of the U.S. Air Force, from its beginnings in the U.S. Army through 1957.

Edited by Alfred Goldberg

Condition: used, very good


A color souvenir program from the reunion. Full color, depicts site emblems on the face, and maps of the areas of the H1, H-2, H-3 and H-4 Iceland radar sites on the reverse.


An extensive work on the interactions of the American and Canadian military and the native Inuit people of northern Canada.

Authors: Melanie Gagnon and Iqaluit Elders