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A 4-page newspaper in both Inupiaq and English languages.

Conition - used, excellent

8x10 tinted or color photo of the Kotzebue towers with friends' autographs

Base guide & information for the newcomer or visitor. 8 pages plus two attachments.

Condition - used, very good.

A certificate that "... certifies that SRA James V. Rosado has crossed the Arctic Circle ... enroute to Kotzebue ..."

Condition - used, fair. Item was laminated in plastic, and has creased and discolored.


Aircraft Navigation Chart


Aircraft Navigational Chart L-3 and L-4

Condition - used, excellent


Aircraft Navigation Chart L-1 and L-2

Condition - Used, excellent


Alaska Edition of the AFSN broadcast schedule


Airline ticket folder for flight to Anchorage, AK

Condition - used, good (some flight information on the folder)


8x10 black & white aerial photo of Campion AFS, AK