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Paper sticker, 9th Aerospace Air Division, Patrick AFB, FL (2 each stickers)

9th ADD was ADCOM Div which commanded all space and missile warning units prior to 14 Aerospace Force. (note from contributor)

Embroidered patch, 686th AC&WS, Walker AFB, NM
May be replica

Embroidered patch, 744th AC&WS, Murphy Dome AFS, AK
Possibly original

Embroidered patch 667th ACWS, Hofn AS, IS
Likely original

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Embroidered patch, NW Air Defense Sector - NWADS
Latin logo translates to "Detect-Identify-Destroy"
Likely replica

Embroidered patch, NW Air Defense Sector - NWADS
Likely reproduction

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Embroidered patch 775 RADS, Cambria AFS, CA
Likely reproduction

Original embroidered patch from the 655 RADS Watertown AFS, NY

Embroidered patch, Makah AFS, WA
May be a replica

Embroidered patch P-Mtn, Greenland
2004 Reproduction