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A manual for the information and guidance of the civilian volunteers who operate air defense filter centers.,

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Life on the DEW Line, as told by veterans, including the author's late husband. Autographed by the author, Frances Jewel Dickson,


Comprehensive Jane's publication on land-based air defense systems.

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A history of Osceola AFS and the Osceola, WI community.

An extensive history of Naselle AFS, Naselle, WA.

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Final issue of the ADC Interceptor.


A history of the air defense radar sites located in Iceland. Contains quite a few photos and images of site patches & emblems.


Among the articles in this publication, there is one entitled "Diving on the Wreck of Texas Tower No. 4". This is a fairly lengthy article on the early "post-mortem" dives on the tower.

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