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Material from a formal study of bird migrations at Cape Prince of Wale, Alaska using the Tin City AFS AK radar to track migratory bird movement. The package includes the base study, a number of letters, and magazine articles along with a few scope…

Genuine Zippo lighter with the Ft. Yukon emblem and inscription "8 Miles North of the Arctic Circle".

Condition: New, perfect

Challenge coin created for the 794th AC&W alumni. Two coins along with stands have been donated to the museum. On the reverse, all the Alaska radar sites are named, around the outer edge. A red star denotes the location of Cape Newenham on the Alaska…

Embroidered patch, 744th AC&WS, Murphy Dome AFS, AK
Possibly original

Souvenir Vulcan (Zippo-like) lighter from Middleton Island AFS, AK

Information source for consolidation and update of recreational safety publications


Squadron guide for new arrivals

Condition - used, excellent


Front covers for the following issues:
Vol 22 No 21
Vol 22 No 23
Vol 22 No 28
Vol 22 No 29
Vol 22 No 30
Vol 22 No 31
Vol 22 No 32
Vol 22 No 33
Vol 22 No 37
Vol 22 No 38
Vol 22 No 40

16 page Vol 22 No 45 News Magazine

Condition - used, very good

16 page Vol 22 No 41

Condition - used, very good.