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Description, Test Equipment, Preparation For Use, and Theory

Air Force Manual 52-8, soft cover. Widely used electronic technical manual, tube circuits.

Lewiston base telephone directory (photocopy)

Lewiston AFS base guide and directory (photocopy). The original would have been commercially printed. There is no publisher information in the copy.

Iceland radar station patches attached to a cardboard backing. The set is for two sites at Hofn (667th and 933rd), Keflavik (932nd), Langenes (667th), Latrar (934th) and Straumnes (934th). The set appears to be of reproductions; patches are new,…

Challenge coin created for the 794th AC&W alumni. Two coins along with stands have been donated to the museum. On the reverse, all the Alaska radar sites are named, around the outer edge. A red star denotes the location of Cape Newenham on the Alaska…

Documents the fall of the secret radar site Lima 85 in Pou Pha Thi, Laos to the NVA in March, 1968.

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A clipping sub-titled "Protector of Dallas area". Talks of the "Identity of that mysterious Air Force Base at Duncanville ... a supersecret for many months". Also identifies it as the 147th AC&W Squadron that was an Air National Guard unit in Van…

763RADS Lockport AFS souvenir.jpg
2002 763rd RADS, Lockport AFS, NY souvenir patch in card with patch origin & interpretation.

792RADS N Charleston AFS.jpg
Embroidered patch, 792nd RADS, North Charleston AFS, SC
Likely replica
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