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Description, Test Equipment, Preparation For Use, and Theory

This ID card allowed entry to the NYADS blockhouse at MecGuire AFB, NJ.

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763RADS Lockport AFS souvenir.jpg
2002 763rd RADS, Lockport AFS, NY souvenir patch in card with patch origin & interpretation.

792RADS N Charleston AFS.jpg
Embroidered patch, 792nd RADS, North Charleston AFS, SC
Likely replica

664RADS Bellefontain AFS.jpg
Embroidered patch, 664th RADS, Bellefontaine AFS, OH
May be an original?

Original copy of the Command Post, the newspaper of the 26th Air Division (SAGE).

Condition: used, good. Paper is discolored but intact. Creasing has taken a "set".

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A history of Osceola AFS and the Osceola, WI community.

An extensive history of Naselle AFS, Naselle, WA.

Condition: used, excellent

Advertising featuring ALRI airborne height finders.

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Wooden Plaque, approx. 6"x8"
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