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Official Air Force ADC document listing the many U.S. Air Defense Command stations, and the equipment at them at the time of printing.

From the introduction:
"... a list of Air Force Stations in Hawaii, Alaska and the continental United States. Due to the preponderance of sites assigned to Air Defense Command as part of NORAD's immense radar/command and control network, additonal…

2-volume reproduction of the Mil HDBK 162-B, ca 1965
This handbook contains descriptions and some specifications of US radar in use at this time.

Western Electric movie about the construction of the DEW Line across Alaska and Canadian arctic.

2 copies

This manual switchboard was removed from the derelict Communications Center at Calumat AFS, MI and brought to NADRM by Lt Col (Ret) Tom Scanlan. It is presently awaiting conservation & restoration.

USAF Radar electronics technical training manual. Very technical in nature and state-of-the-art for the time (early 1950s)

Hand written notation on inside cover "Pfc Ted L. Earley, AF19387299"

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12oz souvenir mug. Clear glass with images front & rear

This ID card allowed entry to the NYADS blockhouse at MecGuire AFB, NJ.

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This study reviews the major political and technological events of the 1950s and their impact on the political and miltary strategic concepts