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4-page plus covers "Welcome" pamphlet for the 661st RADS. Base information for the newcomer.

10 page "Welcom" pamphlet for the 776th RADS. Base information for the newcomer.

Details the first and only (at the time of writing - 1996) complete loss of an AWACS aircraft.


Hard cover unit yearbook from the early 1950s.

Condition - used, good.

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A 3 CD collection (copy) of an AFRTS radio series, originally on transcription platters.

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Scanned JPEG images of the yearbook. There are 26 pages that are scanned.

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A two-page advertisement from a magazine, name & date unknown

This hand-assembled book contains class rosters and photos for SAGE Battle Staff Courses dating from 1959-1964.

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Contains black and white illustrations of many of the patches and emblems used at the various radar squadrons, as well as other units.

Condition - used, excellent

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Signed by the author
Condition, used, good

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