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10 page "Welcom" pamphlet for the 776th RADS. Base information for the newcomer.

Details the first and only (at the time of writing - 1996) complete loss of an AWACS aircraft.


Hard cover unit yearbook from the early 1950s.

Condition - used, good.

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A 3 CD collection (copy) of an AFRTS radio series, originally on transcription platters.

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Scanned JPEG images of the yearbook. There are 26 pages that are scanned.

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A two-page advertisement from a magazine, name & date unknown

This hand-assembled book contains class rosters and photos for SAGE Battle Staff Courses dating from 1959-1964.

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Contains black and white illustrations of many of the patches and emblems used at the various radar squadrons, as well as other units.

Condition - used, excellent

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Signed by the author
Condition, used, good

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Condition - new, perfect

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