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SAC Bombardment Training - 1946-1959
Select Operational Exercises 1956-1956
SAC History Jan-Jun 1952

286 page document by Richard F. McMullen documenting the history of the Air (Aerospace) Defense Command anti-bomber programs.

24567 - 21st Air Division 1972

472264 - North American Air Defense 1959-1963
500698 - Airvorne Early Warning Program 1948-1964
500704 - Radar Programs for air Defense 1946-1066

This is a highly worn and galled AN/FPS-24 antenna azimuth bearing roller removed in 1971 or 1972 from the bearing assembly of the radar at the 754th AC&W Sqdn, Port Austin AFS, MI.

Size approx 2.5" diameter, 3" tall.
Weight approx 2 lbs.

When U.S. civilians went to Thule (and other overseas sites) to work, IRS rules would deduct the first $20,000 of income (in 1961-62, other periods likely were different) if you were "physically present in a foreign country for 510 full (24 hour)…

Articles of the state of the ADC, and of interest to the ADC units.

Framed, stained glass image of the NADRM logo. Hand crafted by John Wright, or Kettering Ohio in January 2015 and donated at the 2015 USAF RSV Reunion 28 June 2015 at Dayton, Ohio


Challenge coin created by James Siscel, an AFRMA and USAF RSV member.